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Great Britain Stamps 1840-1970 - Bought and Sold
Price List (552) - ONLINE NOW - December 2018

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About us

Candlish McCleery LTD was established in 1975. We deal exclusively in Great Britain Postage Stamps from 1840 to 1970, specialising in the reigns of King George V to King George VI. We are under the personal management of Ross and Chris Candlish with over 40 years experience in the Stamp Trade and are members of the PTS and ASDA. Click for more.

Featured Items

2d Orange (die 2) watermark INVERTED & REVERSED. An u/m original gum top marginal example of this difficult variety. SG 370Wk
Ref. 54051   £165.00  
1911 Harrison perf 15 x 14 3d purple on lemon. An u/m original gum example with the plate 5 variety "broken scroll" row 20/2. Scarce! Spec. M22b
Ref. 53947   £295.00  
1929 Postal Union Congress ½d green. An u/m original gum booklet pane of six (P perf) plate marking to left of row 2/2 and good perfs. Spec. NComB1p
Ref. 54096   £275.00  
1959 Multiple Crowns 4½d chestnut on cream paper. An u/m cylinder 7 dot block of eight with part imperf pair adhering to lower margin as a paper join "on the web". Spectacular with RPS certificate. Spec. S93
Ref. 54100   £250.00