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Great Britain Stamps 1840-1970 - Bought and Sold
Price List (559) - ONLINE NOW - July 2019

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About us

Candlish McCleery LTD was established in 1975. We deal exclusively in Great Britain Postage Stamps from 1840 to 1970, specialising in the reigns of King George V to King George VI. We are under the personal management of Ross and Chris Candlish with over 40 years experience in the Stamp Trade and are members of the PTS. Click for more.

Featured Items

1840 2d Blue plate 2 lettered CC. A very fine used four margined example with "Manchester fishtail" MC. Rare with certificate signed by Robson Lowe. SG 5
Ref. 55133   £575.00  
1962 Multiple Crowns 3d deep lilac. An u/m corner example with "paper flaw" caused by foreign body. SG 375
Ref. 55101   £55.00  
1962 Multiple Crowns 2½d carmine-red. Three l/m/m cylinder 55 irregular blocks of 26 comprising complete bottom two rows and two stamps above showing cylinder no. with marginal arrow omitted, phantom arrow, and retouch respectively. A rare group, see footnote in SG Spec. SG 574
Ref. 45097   £250.00  
1d Orange-vermilion. A superb u/m original gum control block of six (K17) perf type 2(E) with plate 76 marking with RPS certificate. Spec. N16(15)
Ref. 55108   £950.00