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QEII – Proofs etc

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1980 Sport Centenaries, 15p Amateur Boxing Association ESSAYS. A strip of five pencil on paper essays with 13p denomination and Queen's head, mounted on card. Some tonning coming through from adhesive. SG 1136
Ref. 42538   £55.00  
1981 circa Harrison ink trial in blue. An u/m imperforate proof sheet of nine showing the head of Thomas Richard Harrison on gummed, phosphor coated paper. Rare!
Ref. 37922   £275.00  
1958 Multiple Crowns Coil Testing labels. A superb complete unopened coil of 960 testing labels in grey with scarce leader "ROLL, TEST No. 1" (number 5). Scarce!
Ref. 37681   £185.00  
1958 Multiple Crowns coil testing labels in grey. An u/m vertical strip of twenty-five with full perfs.
Ref. 22859   £8.50  
1990 circa Coil machine testing labels. An u/m vertical strip of ten labels advertising "Hillday Leasing and Supplies Ltd" in red and numbered in black on every fifth label.
Ref. 47549   £15.00  
1962 London Stamp Exhibition, Eurostamp miniature sheet. A very fine collection including various stages of proof and essay material. Based on the design of the Council of Europe Tree and 19 leaves postage stamp of Luxembourg.
Ref. 42541   £95.00  
1967 Harrison Undenominated Head Proof.An u/m imperforate example in violet on unwatermarked ungummed paper. Scarce!
Ref. 47335   £85.00  
1973 Meter Mail. A very fine Pitney-Bowes "SPECIMEN" meter mark with fantastic Charles Macsween & Son "Haggis Specialists" illustrated advertising.
Ref. 46492   £35.00  
1972 Meter Mail. Three very fine examples with Pitney-Bowes "SPECIMEN" advertising meter marks in red on cover with pen anotations marking areas for improvement.
Ref. 46490   £45.00  
1968 Meter Mail. Five very fine examples with Pitney-Bowes "SPECIMEN" advertising meter marks in red on piece.
Ref. 46491   £45.00  
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Page may take a few moments to load - All items  1