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Blue – Varieties

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1965 Blue Phosphor (typo) 4½d chestnut. An u/m right marginal block of six with 6mm bands on marginal stamps. Spec. S98ab
Ref. 42119   £20.00  
1963 Blue Phosphor 4½d Chestnut. An u/m cylinder 8 complete bottom three rows with "phantom frame" variety under row 20/12. Spec. S98c
Ref. 45079   £75.00  
1961 Blue Phosphor 3d deep lilac watermark sideways to left on cream paper. An u/m booklet pane of four (I perf) with central "punch hole" in selvedge and above average perfs. Spec. SB101
Ref. 53082   £45.00  
1965 Blue Phosphor 4d deep ultramarine. An u/m booklet pane of six with the variety "line through diadem" row 1/1 with good perfs. UNLISTED BY SG ON THIS ISSUE! Spec. SB107v
Ref. 36758   £75.00  
1967 Violet Phosphor (9.5mm) 4d deep ultramarine watermark sideways to right. An u/m booklet pane of four with one 9.5mm band on each stamp and fair perfs. Spec. SB112ab
Ref. 53085   £65.00  
1963 Blue Phosphor 2½d carmine-red (one band) on whiter paper. A mint original gum booklet pane of six with one 4mm band at right but omitted on stamps 3 and 6. Faults but rare and unpriced by SG! Spec. SB89b
Ref. 53079   £195.00  
Page may take a few moments to load - All items  1